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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bald Eagles at Manasquan Reservoir

I went to Manasquan Reservoir hoping to get good pictures of more ducks, but as always with the Bald Eagles in the back of my mind. While I was standing on the causeway about 400 yards from the nest, I caught sight of one of the eagles arriving at the nest, so I took a shot of the nest even though with the naked eye I couldn't actually see any birds. As the first picture shows, there were two in the nest. A short while later, one of them was flying in my direction. I tracked it and took a number of pictures, most of which have turned out to be not so good partly because I had the camera at 1/800th of a second — I should have pushed it faster, perhaps as fast as 1/2,000th — and partly because it was flying into the sun so the shots ended up being somewhat blurry and backlit. After, the bird flew back to the nest where it linked up with its companion and they flew towards the north, away from the sun. That's why the last shot is better, but the birds were so far away by then that it's not that much better.

Oddly, there was a third eagle in the sky, but I didn't get a shot of all three in the same frame.


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