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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Lunchtime Birds

There's not much chance to get out at lunch time, so I once again set myself up at the window hoping to catch some new arrivals, although not particularly optimistic. Aside from the Red Belly Woodpecker, it seemed to me that I had already photographed all the regular visitors. But I was wrong. For after the inevitable chickadees, who should appear at the feeder but a pair of American Goldfinches in their non-breeding plumage.

And then, there on the grass was a Junco along with the pervasive Whitethroat Sparrows.

Also putting in an appearance that I was lucky enough to capture was the female Cardinal. It stayed long enough for just this one image. Perhaps it was the click of the camera that alerted it to my presence.

You'll notice that I've posted no pictures of chickadees at the feeder. Well, they're just too easy. But up in the trees and in the bushes, they're more of a challenge.


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