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Friday, August 20, 2010

Juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron

Just the other day, I was bemoaning the fact that I hadn't seen a black-crowned night heron all year. But yesterday, just as I was sitting down for lunch, we got a call from Denise who said there was an unusual bird at the bridge on Wickapecko. From her description, it sounded as though this could be it. Here's a shot of the bridge with the bird on the grill.

I approached the bird cautiously and took this shot as soon as I could, just in case it was about to fly off.

But it seemed entirely unmoved by my approach.

Indeed, it started to put on a show, scratching itself:

Preening under its wing:

Then it settled down again, so I took this chance to get the scene-setting shot of the bridge.

Although it didn't give me a look at its neck fully extended, this shot gives a pretty good idea of how long it is:

Finally, it turned around and looked under the bridge.

I think it had by now gotten fed up with the clicking of my camera's shutter. It readied itself:

And then jumped under the bridge out of my sight.


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