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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Feeder Fun (Part 2)

The next day was also sunny and I was able to get this very good look at a female house finch.

This feeder results in a lot of spilled seeds which attracts birds to congregate under the feeder. Here's a song sparrow taking advantage.

The male finch was braver this day.

At first, I was very pleased with this shot, but it represents the beginning of the end because here come the house sparrows. Once they find a feeder they dominate it and make it much harder for the other, more interesting, birds to get a look in.

It's amusing to think that the birds were hiding from me as they conspired to frustrate my photography, but in truth, I suspect it was a somewhat unpleasant confrontation under way here:

Sadly, but inevitably, it was the house finch that backed off.

The next day, I experimented by using the 2x converter rather than the 1.4x I normally use. This gives me (in 35mm terms) the equivalent of a 900mm lens. Given the number of pixels I'm capturing and the size of the images I'm publishing, it's probably not worth it. The first shot is of a male house sparrow. From then on, there's been three different communities of house sparrows squabbling over the feeder. One lot come from out the back of our house, another from the industrial part of Doris Ave., beyond the fence at the western end of the street, while the third live near Logan Road at the eastern end.

This other male house sparrow employs a different technique.

He was joined by a female who seemed equally at home with this novel technique.

Meanwhile this female took the more traditional approach.

I was pleased to see that the tufted titmouse was still on the scene.

Make that titmice.

Now this is what I call a tuft!


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I so enjoyed your photos with discriptive comments. Thank you for sharing.

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Blogger morning glory said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos!

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