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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Young House Finch

I'd been sitting under the feeder with my grandson for quite a while. A downy, a chickadee, a titmouse and a house finch all dropped by the feeder. Other birds were in the vicinity. Suddenly, I realized there was a very young bird perched on a branch on my side of the tree. I incorrectly jumped to the conclusion it was a young song sparrow. In fact, it is a young house finch. I was surprised and pleased that the camera was able to focus on the bird without being distracted by the branches.

It was not at all perturbed by my circling it as I struggled to get a good angle. Again the camera cooperated by focusing on the bird rather than the branch.

It flew down to the feeder, which was a bit of a surprise given how stationary it had been until then. Having gotten there, it's inexperience showed.

For all its struggles, it ended up with a seed!

However, it looks as though it proceeded to drop it. This following shot and the one after it were taken within a fraction of a second of each other, so I'm afraid all that struggling was in vain.

Once again, the bird just sat there inviting me to take pictures. This time, it was easier to frame and so I got this excellent shot:

I was also able to get this picture of the bird's back:


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