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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Snowy Sunday Morning

As Pam left for church, she asked me to take pictures of the cardinals in the snow, so I sat at the open window and waited for them. I ignored the juncos and white-throated sparrows on the ground because they don't make a very good picture when viewed from the steep angle looking down from the window. But then I noticed this white-throat on the bush at the corner of the house. I had to lean out of the window to get this shot.

It wasn't long before a male cardinal put in an appearance. This one preferred to pick seeds from the ground.

Of course, the chickadees were in and out of the feeder. This one perched in the tree on the nearest branch. Not much snow to be seen in this shot though.

I was a bit frustrated by the branch across the face of this cardinal that took up a position in the tree looking down on the activity at the feeder.

This next cardinal spread its tail feathers in a manner that I've not see very often. It's hard to tell the cardinals apart in these pictures, but I saw at least four different birds during my time at the window.

Having given in and taken shots of the cardinals on the ground, I took this shot of a junco. The bird is darker than this image suggests. It was reacting to the sound of my camera's shutter, looking straight at me.

A female cardinal joined in the fun.

Meanwhile, up in the tree, another male cardinal looked down on the proceedings.

I was amazed to notice this bird almost directly below me in the bush under the window. This is the first Carolina Wren we've seen in months.

Backlit by the snow, I thought this was a goldfinch when I took the picture, but it clearly is a female house finch.

As a finale, this cardinal perched on a metal pot-holder near the bottom of our front steps. This gave me a better angle for a picture I really like.


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