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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Wigeons from the Car

After the snow storm, I decided to check out Shark River Hills to see how the ducks were faring. I went straight to South Riverside Drive and drove around to the eastern coast where I was surprised to see this American Wigeon walking towards me. I stayed in the car and took these pictures from the driver's seat.

At first, the bird just kept walking towards me, but then it turned right, presenting me with this fine profile shot.

It took a few paces into the mud past the killdeer that was also enjoying itself at the culvert, before it suddenly turned and headed back towards the river.

After passing through the gap in what appears to be an old wooden fence that has seriously deteriorated over the years, the bird again turned to the north and set off behind some reeds and out of my view.

I drove north about a quarter of a mile when I noticed another wigeon through the passenger window. Again, I took pictures from the driver's seat. This time, the bird was swimming, but after a few moments, it decided to fly. In the intermediate shots, you can see if first coil itself ready to launch and then start the process by extending its neck. These four shots were all taken in very quick succession.


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