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Sunday, March 19, 2006

First Osprey and Best Yet

I just had my first sighting of an osprey this year, and bless me if the bird didn't pose for me with a fish in its claw! Look at this:

I took this on the north side of the duck pond. I first spotted the bird in flight as it flew west along the duck pond. I went chasing after it, but it doubled back and perched in a tree just about where I had been in the first place. There were rather a lot of branches between me and the bird so I had to manually focus. At least there weren't leaves on the branches!


Anonymous Pam Ross said...

Dave, what a spectacular shot! Am thoroughly impressed by the entire blog, comments and pictures, down to the spotted downy. Will you add links to other bird blogs? That seems to build viewership. Have fun with it!!

5:51 PM  

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