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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Young Yellowlegs?

I go years without seeing a yellowlegs and then I get a second sighting only a few weeks after the one I saw in Secaucus. This one was at the Fireman's Pond the other evening. It looks like a young version of the earlier bird. The plumage is less well developed. The bird seems smaller and fluffier, but the white ring around the eyes and the shape of the beak says that this is a young greater yellowlegs. (Not to mention the color of the legs.)

I watched it for nearly half an hour hoping it would give me a better look at its legs and this is as good as it got:

Compared to the bird at Secaucus, this one seems to have a somewhat longer neck (proportionally speaking), but I suspect that this is just a sign that the bird isn't yet fully developed.