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I frequently stroll the streets of Wanamassa, NJ, with camera at the ready to take pictures of birds.

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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Another Hawk in Front Yard

The forecast said that the sun was due to come out mid-afternoon. I'd taken a shorter lunch than usual with a view to taking advantage of this, but here it was three o'clock and no sign of the clouds breaking up. Where should I go?

While I was dithering, I caught sight of movement out the front window. Pam had a better view -- "Hawk" she cried.

I ran to the office to retrieve the camera which still had the long lens on it. The hawk, a Cooper's, was still perched on the same branch in the maple tree. It was looking over its shoulder at the feeder.

It looked around for a few moments. I got these pictures through the double-glazed window. As a result, the quality leaves a little to be desired, but better to get these shots than scare it off by opening the window. It flew down to the dilapidated plant holder on the other side of the lawn. 

It held this pose for only a few seconds before deciding there were greener pastures elsewhere. It flew off across the road headed north.