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I frequently stroll the streets of Wanamassa, NJ, with camera at the ready to take pictures of birds.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

2011 Birds -- until Mid April

I've been publishing my pictures to Facebook all year and had almost forgotten this blog. Let's do some catching up.

Back on February 20th, I was pleased to encounter this mockingbird in a bush near the parking lot at Deal Test Site:

A week later, I was pleasantly surprised to encounter this junco on a grass background. Usually, junco pictures have been with snow on the ground making the pictures washed out.

A call from my daughter on March 2 alerted me to the presence on the Fireman's pond of a family of hooded mergansers. I was pleased to get these shots. This is the first time I've seen a family together.

Fast-forward to April 15 and my attention is now drawn to the birds on our street. A fruit, nuts and seed mixture has been attracting an interesting selection of birds. As usual, among the first birds attracted to the feeder were chickadees.

A result of this new feed mixture has been the frequent appearance of blue jays at the feeder. This shot from April 14th records one of the earliest instances.