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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blue Jay in Backyard

Yesterday, Pam spotted a blue jay in the backyard. I rushed to the back window, camera in hand, and there was the bird in clear sight. But opening the window is noisy -- perhaps I should try some oil -- and the bird clearly heard me. But all it did was swivel around to face me.

Still, it seemed skittish and there is some motion blur in these images I took. But it wasn't me that was worrying it. A pair of robins suddenly materialized and attacked the blue jay. Oddly, so it seemed to me, the blue jay stood its ground and rather than fly off, it moved from branch to branch of the small tree. Eventually, when it was near the top of the tree (impossible to photograph from my window), peace was restored.

Presumably, the robins were protecting a nest and considered that the blue jay was now out of range.


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