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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Warblers are hard to identify

It turns out that six of the pictures I took of warblers this afternoon all turned out to be yellow-rumpted warblers.

but the seventh is a different kettle of fish!

The problem is, I didn't get a decent shot of its head. Indeed, I didn't get a decent look at its head. This is the best look and it's not very good:

When I first glimpsed the bird it was alighting near the top of a tall tree, and all I saw was its chest lit up by the low afternoon sun. I thought for a second it was a robin. But then it flew past me to a nearby tree, and then my thought was that it might be a Balitmore oriole, but I quickly realized it was too small for that. It must be a warbler, but what? Perhaps a redstart, but it doesn't seem to have the right mix of colors.

Update The consensus of the folks who visit the bird watching forum is that these last two shots are indeed of a Baltimore Oriole. Wasn't so long ago that a picture of an oriole would have had me jumping for joy, but somehow this feels anticlimactic because I was oh so hoping it would be a warbler!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am hoping someone can identify this bird for you and your readers. I have been through all of my books and no bird seems to be exactly right. Maybe a hybrid?

12:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is a Baltimore Oriole!

3:07 PM  

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