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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Friday Afternoon at Deal Lake

It was late Friday afternoon. I'd dropped Pam off for a doctor's appointment in the heart of Wanamassa so I was just around the corner from North Wanamassa Drive. Thinking that maybe there'd be some warblers here by now, I set off looking for small birds. This was the first one I spotted, but it's not a warbler.

Every year, there's a pair of house wrens to be found at this spot in a nest box in a garden right by the water of Deal Lake. Here's a second picture of the bird.

The next small bird was also not a warbler. This chickadee was having a fine time flitting from branch to branch of a tree near the point where the road makes a sharp right turn away from the water.

Usually, I don't bother to walk down to Wanamassa Point because the area is so built-up that there's very few places you can take pictures without the risk of impinging on someone's privacy. But a helpful person had told me of a nest of black-crowned night herons down there. I turned on to the road and saw yet another small bird, a goldfinch on a wire above me. As I looked up at it, it looked down at me.

At the point, I couldn't see the herons anywhere. A helpful neighbor showed me the right tree--I'd walked past it, but the birds were not there. I think I saw one flying by but I wasn't quick enough to get a picture. I did see one waterbird. This cormorant was patrolling the lake.

Walking back from the point, I spotted this bird perched on a next box. Because of the angle of the sun and my being behind it at first, I didn't realize it was a robin until I saw its chest.

A little later, after I'd picked up Pam, we were out the back of the row of shops on Sunset, close to Route 35, when I spotted this crow. The sun wasn't at the best angle, but the crow let me get closer than they normally do.


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